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Extron Control Professional

AMX Programmer

Articles and Technotes

Add Password Protection to Your AMX Programs

Add password protection for your customer's AMX system. Includes the ability to change the password as well as a "backdoor" password for support.

Converting a Hex String to ASCII for Display in AMX

Hex strings can be difficult to convert/display because they are actually text representations of hexadecimal integers.

User Interfaces: Know Your Audience

With one sentence, the room administrator's opinion of the user interface created a large dent in the ego, "Oh no, you're going to have to dumb that down."


Extron Certified Control Professional

Control Centric has now completed the requirements for Extron Certified Control Professional.

AMX Certified Programmer

Control Centric has completed the requirements for AMX Programmer certification.

Biamp Tesira Forte Certification

We are pleased to announce that Control Centric is now certified to program Biamp's Tesira Forte product line.


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